Hey freaks !

We inform you that we made the decision to slightly modify the prices of our present and future articles in order to provide transparency. 

With this change, our prices will now be much more in adequacy with the production costs of our articles.  It's going to be a lot simpler for us and for you! Indeed the price will vary according to the number of colors used for screen printing. If special colors are used, there will also be a slight extra charge.

The changes will be applied from February 1st, 2019.


For more details, please see the table below:


Prices based on our unisex organic cotton t-shirt.
1 / 2 color(s) 20,00€
3 colors & more (up to 9 colors) 22,50€
Extra charges & descreases
Special color (Glow in the dark, neon, etc) + 2,50€
Long sleeve tee + 5,00€
Hoodie + 15,00€
Tank top /


 Edit 28/03/2019: slight decrease in prices.